The Secret Life of Justin Timberlake You Didn’t Know About

Justin also had a fair share in the scandals among celebrities. A life of a celebrity in his caliber will definitely have at least one controversial issue to talk about. It was last January 2007 that he started dating Jessica Biel. They got into a serious relationship but after 5 years of love and hate they broke up on April 2011. They reconciled only after only after a month and a half and later got engaged December that year. The Justin Jessica love story blossomed into a serious relationship when they got married last October 19, 2012 in Italy.

Recently, just a couple of weeks back, Justin was said to be cheating on his wife with Zenya Bashford. Cameras were able to capture Justin and Zenya who were inseparable at a night club in Paris last August 21, 2014. People who saw them said that they were very intimate with their rubbing and caressing. Zenya and Justin perform together. She is his back up dancer. Jessica Biel has already been contemplating on their divorce and this is the last thing that she wanted to hear.

On a lighter note, one of the funny scandals Justin and Mila Kunis was able to portray was right in front of a live audience when he cupped both boobs of Mila on MTV Awards night 2011. In turn, she cupped a feel of his manhood and made him speak in a high tone pitched that probably shattered people listening with outdoor bluetooth speakers.

But, apart from his scandals, Justin also is a philanthropist. He has started giving back to the community at an early stage of his career. When he was still part of N Sync, he was involved in Challenge for the Children. He also has established the Justin Timberlake Foundation which helps music education programs in different schools. He even donated A$100,000 to Wildlife Warriors and another 100k, this time in US dollars, to the Memphis Music Foundation as seen on AudioSpeakerGuide.

Justin’s life is a roller coaster ride with loops and loops. He is a great name in the industry who has influenced musicians and made a mark as a “Justin Timberlake.” He continues to reinvent himself to further his career. But will he be the next Michael Jackson? Can he live up to the hype of one of the greatest artist or will he establish a name of his own? Nonetheless, he is the “Justin Timberlake” that we all love and hate.