License Info

The sport of falconry in Oregon is regulated by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, and federally by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Oregon falconers must undergo a qualification process to earn a license issued jointly by these agencies before they may legally practice falconry. The licensing process consists of:

Sponsorship by a licensed falconer (click here for a list of sponsors).
Passing a falconry test that covers knowledge of raptor care, natural history, and hunting techniques (click here for information about the test).
Obtaining acceptable facilities and equipment for keeping, caring for, and hunting with a raptor.
A period of apprenticeship with the sponsor falconer.
This process is not to be undertaken lightly. Falconry is an extremely demanding and challenging discipline, and the licensing process is only the tip of the iceberg. As NAFA puts it, practicing falconry is “essentially devoting one’s life to the subject.”

If you do wish to pursue a falconry license, contact the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and request a falconry information packet:

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
3406 Cherry Ave NE
Salem OR 97303
ODFW will provide you with more information about falconry and the licensing process in Oregon, a lengthy reading list, and a list of licensed falconers who may be willing to sponsor an apprentice. Alternately, the complete packet is available online.