How to Enjoy Bird Watching by Boat

Bird watching is a favorite pastime for a lot of nature lovers especially falconers. However, a lot of people do not realize that you can take a bird watching to a whole new level if you have a boat. Both freshwater and saltwater have a variety of birds that inhabit the area. Are you missing out on some of the most beautiful birds?

Why Go Boating for Birds?

MarbledMurreletThese birds that are often hidden from the world’s more populated areas, will only be seen if they are in captivity because no one tends to search for them. Perhaps you do not even know that the Marbled Murrelet is a bird that even exists. There are less than 100,000 of them in the wild and you may never see their beautiful white and brown mingle colored bodies if you do not choose to search for them by boat.Birds, like all other animals, tend to stay in areas where they can find food the easiest. For birds that eat minnows or fish, this means they need a body of water to find food. There are some species of birds, such as the crane, American Oystercatcher, and the American Golden-Plover that you may find if you are walking along on a beach somewhere. Others, like the American Bittern, Ancient Murrelet, and the Bald Eagle are more prone to areas that are quiet. Often these types of birds will be found in wooded areas along the shore of quiet places.

How to Bird Watch from a Boat?

Bird watching from your private boat will take patience on your part. Birds do not just appear and the slightest amount of noise may have a major impact on your ability to see these beautiful creatures who call the water their home. You will need to have a boat to get to where birds live, a camera to take photos, a boat that can get you close enough to potential places where birds may be roaming.

If you do not have a boat, but you still want to go bird watching from a boat, there are cruises and day trips that you can take that specifically show you the area’s wildlife. On some trips the price can be a little much and you will only be able to visit the areas where the tour boat goes. This can be a downfall for many who would much rather have a boat that they can use or borrow for a day.

Which Boat Works Best for Bird Watching? 

Your personal preferences should be your guide as to the type of boat you use for bird watching. However, most people feel that a smaller John Boat or pontoon boat works best for them. The only thing that truly matters is that you have a trolling motor on it. Trolling motors will enable you to get closer to the shore in most areas where the birds may nest or search for food. The trolling motors are also slower moving and quieter than some of the other boat motors that are on the market, which will further help you to see the amazing seaside sparrow or the beautiful yellow-headed blackbird. Assuming you have a trolling motor or at least a smaller boat that is quiet, having the best marine battery is of utmost importance. Why? Because between frequently cranking the motor up to move to new bird watching locations or using your trolling motor you’ll likely drain an average marine battery. Most people agree that an AGM battery makes the best marine battery. If you are wondering what is an agm battery, its an absorbed glass mat which is a fancy way of saying a maintenance free marine battery. We hope this helps you to get out on the water and see some birds that you might not otherwise get to see by bird watching on land!