Oregon Falconers Association

The purpose of the Oregon Falconers Association is to provide a statewide organization for all individuals who work with and love birds of prey; to improve, aid and encourage competency in falconry and raptor management within the state; to represent the interests of its members with state and federal wildlife agencies in matters effecting raptors in Oregon; to promote the study of raptorial species in Oregon, their care, welfare, and training.

Falconry taking the skies once again

Falconry, the practice of breeding and training falcons for sport, or in today’s context as a hobby for competitions.

Theories go around saying it was established in East Asia on the steppes of Mongolia from 4000 to 6000 BC or in the Persian Gulf of the Middle East by 2000 BC. Due to the nature of these claims everyone can agree that falconry has been around for a long a time.


It was originally practiced to help hunters hunt for small game for food, and was practiced by many people and in different ways around the world. According to historians, by the 6th century, falconry became increasingly popular to where it not only became a source of food or game but it became a status symbol for people, more specifically royalty. One fine example would be 17th century England; falconry there was governed by a strict set of rules wherein the breed of falcon that one can obtain and fly would depend on one’s social standing. It was finely expressed with the king being the only one allowed to fly the largest and majestic of falcons, the gyrfalcon and a Prince was allowed a female peregrine falcon. Noble women were only allowed to fly merlin and knaves while servants or children could only fly a Eurasian falcon. A lot of people even met in what came to be known as falconry clubs due to their passion for the birds and not necessarily for the status symbol.

It is not only through hunting for sport or status symbols that falcons became widely popular. In 2200 BC Chinese princes were given falcons as presents, though not for hunting it still became a large contributor as to why falcons were being taken care of and trained all around the world.

It was in the 1800s that falconry began to diminish. People started using more modern tools like firearms for hunting. There was also a time during the world wars when people started using biological weapons which scarred not only the war but the environment as well. Female falcons suddenly became unable to reproduce which lead to a decline in falcon population.

All these unfortunate events however did not mean the end for falconry, people who practiced it suddenly became more passionate for the birds and started to once again meet with each other to work out solutions and get the birds up in the air.

It was in 1920 in the Nation Geographic Magazine titled “Falconry, the sport of kings” an excellent article written by Louis Agassiz Fuertes that sparked the interest of young people. Among them were Frank and John Craighead who continued the sport of falconry and eventually became influential falconers and well know biologists.

There are now an estimated 4,000 falconers in the United States which also tallies 5000 birds , this only counts for the those in the US and not even counting those all around the world. Continuing a practice which not only gives people pleasure but gives these majestic birds a chance to truly soar through the skies and marvel at what they do best, they are raptors after all.


How to Enjoy Bird Watching by Boat

Bird watching is a favorite pastime for a lot of nature lovers especially falconers. However, a lot of people do not realize that you can take a bird watching to a whole new level if you have a boat. Both freshwater and saltwater have a variety of birds that inhabit the area. Are you missing out on some of the most beautiful birds?

Why Go Boating for Birds?

MarbledMurreletThese birds that are often hidden from the world’s more populated areas, will only be seen if they are in captivity because no one tends to search for them. Perhaps you do not even know that the Marbled Murrelet is a bird that even exists. There are less than 100,000 of them in the wild and you may never see their beautiful white and brown mingle colored bodies if you do not choose to search for them by boat.Birds, like all other animals, tend to stay in areas where they can find food the easiest. For birds that eat minnows or fish, this means they need a body of water to find food. There are some species of birds, such as the crane, American Oystercatcher, and the American Golden-Plover that you may find if you are walking along on a beach somewhere. Others, like the American Bittern, Ancient Murrelet, and the Bald Eagle are more prone to areas that are quiet. Often these types of birds will be found in wooded areas along the shore of quiet places.

How to Bird Watch from a Boat?

Bird watching from your private boat will take patience on your part. Birds do not just appear and the slightest amount of noise may have a major impact on your ability to see these beautiful creatures who call the water their home. You will need to have a boat to get to where birds live, a camera to take photos, a boat that can get you close enough to potential places where birds may be roaming.

If you do not have a boat, but you still want to go bird watching from a boat, there are cruises and day trips that you can take that specifically show you the area’s wildlife. On some trips the price can be a little much and you will only be able to visit the areas where the tour boat goes. This can be a downfall for many who would much rather have a boat that they can use or borrow for a day.

Which Boat Works Best for Bird Watching? 

Your personal preferences should be your guide as to the type of boat you use for bird watching. However, most people feel that a smaller John Boat or pontoon boat works best for them. The only thing that truly matters is that you have a trolling motor on it. Trolling motors will enable you to get closer to the shore in most areas where the birds may nest or search for food. The trolling motors are also slower moving and quieter than some of the other boat motors that are on the market, which will further help you to see the amazing seaside sparrow or the beautiful yellow-headed blackbird. Assuming you have a trolling motor or at least a smaller boat that is quiet, having the best marine battery is of utmost importance. Why? Because between frequently cranking the motor up to move to new bird watching locations or using your trolling motor you’ll likely drain an average marine battery. Most people agree that an AGM battery makes the best marine battery. If you are wondering what is an agm battery, its an absorbed glass mat which is a fancy way of saying a maintenance free marine battery. We hope this helps you to get out on the water and see some birds that you might not otherwise get to see by bird watching on land!

The Secret Life of Justin Timberlake You Didn’t Know About

Justin also had a fair share in the scandals among celebrities. A life of a celebrity in his caliber will definitely have at least one controversial issue to talk about. It was last January 2007 that he started dating Jessica Biel. They got into a serious relationship but after 5 years of love and hate they broke up on April 2011. They reconciled only after only after a month and a half and later got engaged December that year. The Justin Jessica love story blossomed into a serious relationship when they got married last October 19, 2012 in Italy.

Recently, just a couple of weeks back, Justin was said to be cheating on his wife with Zenya Bashford. Cameras were able to capture Justin and Zenya who were inseparable at a night club in Paris last August 21, 2014. People who saw them said that they were very intimate with their rubbing and caressing. Zenya and Justin perform together. She is his back up dancer. Jessica Biel has already been contemplating on their divorce and this is the last thing that she wanted to hear.

On a lighter note, one of the funny scandals Justin and Mila Kunis was able to portray was right in front of a live audience when he cupped both boobs of Mila on MTV Awards night 2011. In turn, she cupped a feel of his manhood and made him speak in a high tone pitched that probably shattered people listening with outdoor bluetooth speakers.

But, apart from his scandals, Justin also is a philanthropist. He has started giving back to the community at an early stage of his career. When he was still part of N Sync, he was involved in Challenge for the Children. He also has established the Justin Timberlake Foundation which helps music education programs in different schools. He even donated A$100,000 to Wildlife Warriors and another 100k, this time in US dollars, to the Memphis Music Foundation as seen on AudioSpeakerGuide.

Justin’s life is a roller coaster ride with loops and loops. He is a great name in the industry who has influenced musicians and made a mark as a “Justin Timberlake.” He continues to reinvent himself to further his career. But will he be the next Michael Jackson? Can he live up to the hype of one of the greatest artist or will he establish a name of his own? Nonetheless, he is the “Justin Timberlake” that we all love and hate.

Trending Fashion Accessories You Can Expect in 2015

Colorful accessories really shine. Say no more to looking dull and try the latest fad. Pair and match with different accessories that suits your unique taste making any old outfit looking entirely brand new. So, what’s the latest accessory style? Check this out!

Clutch Bags and Purses

They never get out of tune. From 80s to present, the touch of colorful clutches always fit. Find the best colors. Maybe you would like to try wearing pastel colors or stand-out with sequins and studs. Are you creative? Try your masterpiece and try playing with embellishments that would compliment your personality.

Tribal to Trivial Jewelries

You don’t need expensive diamonds and 24 karat gold. Oh no, not on a daily basis. Go tribal with casuals. Fancy earrings, rings and necklaces will surely add life to bare colors and clothing. Stone and earthy beads are great choices if you wish to adopt the tribal look. Do you love the western fashion? Well, there are silver pieces and turquoise for you.


How about Chinese pendants? Pendants that signify peace, happiness, luck or good health don’t look bad after all. Although, small pendant suits any necklace you would like to wear with daytime outfit. Trendy pendants include earth tones while others come in oversized pieces. You may pick from the huge collection and assortments beaded with pearls and stones which may be customized just for you as see on http://wpfashionista.com/

Fashion and Oversized Sunglasses

Is there anything glamorous that a pair of fashionable sunglasses? Those pairs add adlib to your face – a mysterious look or starry look. Or else, enjoy wearing sunglasses as a chic headband. How to choose the best style? Go for the frames that will surely enhance your facial contours. Pick the geometric design opposite of from the shape of your face. For instance, rectangular shades are best for round faces. Meanwhile, round sunglasses looks fabulous on an angular or square face. Do you recall Johnny Bravo? Yeah, the round shades suit his square-shaped jaw. What about the color? Black and tortoise frames look good in any skin tone and type. Take a look at the latest trendy sunglasses. Check out those inspired by vintage feature and oversized glasses at a very affordable price. If not, you may try the funky or the sporty look coming in neon colors and glitters. Collect few pairs to mix and match with your daily wear.

Ribbons and Accents

Ribbons are not just magnificent, they look even stunning if you add your personal touch and work on them. Indeed, such accents are great fashion accessories and for many more custom apparels. Not only to clothes and dresses but even to footwear and bags too. Find different patterns which you can actually download for free from the web. Who knows, these stuff work well should you decide to market them.

Preparing for a Colorado Road Trip

Colorado is one of those destinations that must be discovered by car. Flying from city to city might be the most efficient form of transportation but then you would miss out on the beauty of Colorado’s natural landscapes and this is the number one reason to visit. A Colorado road trip should be at the top of everyone’s bucket lists, especially during the summer months when there is no snow on the road and there are festivals galore. To help you prepare for your road trip, check out our recommendations to ensure a smooth ride and the best holiday of your life.

Driving Colorado’s steep slopes is best done with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. If you don’t own one yourself, try using your “phone a friend” for a favor, otherwise, consider the costs for renting one. Even if it costs you a little extra money, having that 4-wheel drive will be worth it. That being said, it is not a necessity and don’t let this detail keep you off the road.

Whether you are driving your own car or a rental, you should always do a full check on your vehicle before taking it into the mountains or countryside where you are not likely to find an auto repair shop nearby. So, what exactly are you checking for? First, check your fluids. This includes brakes, radiator, coolant, transmission, etc. It’s best to get your oil changed (and filter) at the start of your trip (unless it was just recently changed, of course). Additionally, this should go without saying, fill up your gas tank! You might even consider bringing along extra gas if you plan to be away from civilization for a long period of time. Next, check that your hoses, belts and wires are all secure. These tend to become loose overtime and can you leave stranded at the worst possible time. If your tires are almost bald, you should definitely invest the money to have them changed before embarking on your road trip. You want to ensure they have plenty of tread in a place like Colorado. Otherwise, just check that your tire pressure is where it should be.  Lastly, check that everything is running properly, for example, heating and air conditioning, headlights and gauges. Make sure your battery and brakes are in good condition and that they aren’t nearing the end of their lives.

Once your car is ready for the ultimate Colorado road trip, it’s time to make sure you are. So, what things do you need to pack? First of all, pack an emergency kit for your car, including jumper cables, flashlight, tire sealant and extra fuses. You’re better safe than sorry. Additionally, it’s always best to keep a multi-tool on you. These will come in handy more than for your car but in multiple situations. If you don’t already have a multi-tool, check out the Leatherman Charge TTi, one of the best multi-tools for 2014. It’s also strongly recommended to invest in a AAA Membership or something similar in the event you need to be towed, lock your keys in the car (it happens!) or even run out of gas.

In addition to an emergency kit for your car, you should have an emergency kit for yourself including bandages, gauze, ointments, sanitary wipes as well as antibiotics and any other prescriptions you have. Accidents do happen and you may be far from a hospital or clinic while hiking or biking through the parks and mountains. And, on that note, make sure you always keep plenty of water on you.

It is wise to invest in a good road map of the entire state. Even though many of us are equipped with GPS systems on our phones and tablets, it is never a good idea to depend on technology. For one thing, if you lose power and have no way to charge up, you are on your own. Not to mention, when you are in remote areas away from cell towers, you may not be able to get any service in order for your GPS to acquire satellites. Therefore, have a back-up plan and get a paper map. In addition to a map, it might be wise to invest in a good guidebook. Lonely Planet is a very popular travel source, but there are many others out there. These are actually quite useful and provide a ton of valuable information. You will never have to wonder, “What is there to do here?” Consult your book and be on your way.

The last, and possibly most important, step in your preparation is to have plenty of food and drink so you don’t starve. Well, you probably aren’t going to starve. But still, stocking up on junk food is possibly the best part of driving long distances. Not only that, but you will make less long stops for eating at restaurants and it will save you money on eating out. Additionally, it’s great to have food on you if you want to pull over among some of the most scenic views and have a picnic right outside of your car. Pack a cooler with beverages, lunch meat and a few condiments along with a loaf of bread and some munchies and you will not have to think twice about making pit stops to feast by a lake or in some of the most beautiful national parks in the world.